Eva Varro

“Eva Varro graduated from the Fashion Institute of Budapest, Hungary and honed her talent working for several leading fashion design companies in Hungary and Italy. She relocated to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California in 2002; after a very successful relationship with a Los Angeles based company, she launched her own line that became an instant success.

She has developed a unique construction technique that sets her product apart from the others. Hand cut piece by piece, Eva’s exclusive signature placement prints and designs are a unique characteristic of the collection. She is known for her artfully handcrafted garments that enhance a woman’s figure and are designed to fit every woman’s shape, from the perfect to the not so perfect body types.

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Constructed with washable, wrinkle free, high quality fabrics, an Eva Varro piece is truly an investment item, designed to fit perfectly and last the years to come. Eva Varro International is a designer look at non-designer price and above all it is Made with Love and Passion in the USA.

Eva Varro is currently sold across the United States, Canada, Europe and Central America. We are proud to introduce the line to Australia and New Zealand.”

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