Gretty Zueger

Originally from the charming South American country of Peru, Gretty Zueger wanted to give back to her native country by manufacturing her unique textiles there. She found her creativity in New Mexico with inspiration from the diversity of fine artisan goods and a blend of the Anglo, Hispanic, and Indian ethnicities in Santa Fe. This was the beginning of her journey, which ultimately resulted in fashionable, premium quality Peruvian wholesale clothing brand, available for women to enjoy across the globe.

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Pima Cotton

Pima Cotton is one of the highest quality premium fibres in the world. It grows on the northern coast of Peru and is used to create luxuriously soft, long-lasting chic couture. It is also known as the silk of South America due to its exceptionally long fibres. Natural silk, a beautiful and breathable fabric, is fashionable as well as comfortable and hypoallergenic for everyday wear items such as our Peruvian Pima cotton t-shirts wholesale range. Elegance, quality and style permeate our entire range of unique Peru wholesale clothing.

Design inspiration

We source the finest natural and unprocessed materials from around the globe to bring you superb Pima cotton wholesale designer clothing that emanates from Gretty Zueger’s travel-inspired creativity. She incorporates ethnic, romantic symbols and elements of nature into her pieces. This results in unique and classic clothing your customer will be proud to wear, feeling comfortable and confident, draped in one of the many masterpieces available. The manufacturing process is conducted to the highest of quality, each piece drawn by hand, imprinted, and artisan embroidered individually. Garments are dyed using high-pigmented inks and an eco-friendly rinse process, using less water than traditional dying methods. Every care is taken to ensure high standards through the entire process of our Pima cotton wholesale clothing design and manufacture.

The Peruvian influence

Peru, also known as the land of the Incas, is a country steeped in amazing history. The women of Peru have traditionally worn intricately designed clothing with geometric patterns and vibrant colours. These strong, bold designs have been subtly blended into the Pima cotton wholesale range to create a modern, classic look that will stand the test of time.

A versatile range

Loyal Gretty Zueger customers are always on alert for the arrival of new products. After almost 20 years, Zueger continues to produce fashion that incorporates amazing fabrics, stretch panels, and hand-cut patterns to provide customers with a forever flattering fit. The extensive range of colours, styles and items available, including tunics, tops, skirts and dresses, means there is something for every customer that enters your boutique. Pima cotton wholesale clothing is beautifully feminine, designed to fit the female form, comfortable and eye-catching. Providing your customers with the option to purchase Gretty Zueger Pima cotton clothing will add something special to your range that is guaranteed to please the most discerning of customers.

Something for every season

The Pima cotton wholesale range includes everything from long-sleeved tops to light, flowing skirts. We also offer a range of sophisticated alpaca shawls, wraps and cardigans suited to the cooler months. Velvet and denim feature in our range of quality clothing, bringing a full range of designs and fabrics to suit the hottest of summer days through to the coolest of winter nights. Gretty Zueger has created an exceptionally adaptable catalogue to meet the needs of every woman who would like to wear chic, unique, quality clothing all year round.

Simply log in to establish an account and discover how amazing this clothing range is. We are confident that adding Gretty Zueger clothing to your boutique range, will inspire your customers as they enjoy the comfort, quality and uniqueness of the items available. If you would like to know more about what we can offer, feel free to contact us. Browse our Gretty Zueger collection online today and discover the perfect new additions to your boutique clothing range.

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