M Made In Italy

If you follow fashion closely year after year, you’ll know that Italy has its own unique flair on popular trends, with various Italian brands’ clothes collections usually featuring funky prints combined with bright hues.

From sleek black pantsuits with brilliant blue trim, layers of grey and charcoal with daring splashes of purple to funky high heel boots and inner linings and contemporary olive harem pants with eye-catching patches of geometric prints in vibrant orange, these outfits are making heads turn in the fashion world.

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Inspired by the pandemic with months of working from home and being confined indoors, M Made in Italy’s collection is all about ensuring ultimate comfort with soft fabrics and loose fits that are sleek and versatile enough to be worn in the boardroom or out for lunch with friends.

M Made in Italy is the very personification of Italian-made designer clothing. Sensuous yet polished, feminine yet refined. These are the keywords that come to mind when it comes to M Made in Italy tops, dresses, pants and more. From tailored outerwear to bold corporate ready wear and elegant dresses, clothing by M Made in Italy is designed with the contemporary and glamorous woman in mind. Whether you’re looking for a high-pressure office look or a casual style for a dinner date, M Made in Italy offers head-to-toe looks that suit every occasion.

M Made in Italy clothing is a high-quality lifestyle brand that features natural fabrics, a variety of textures and prints and comfortable fits for every woman — all this at a price that makes it easy to keep your wardrobe up to date with the latest fashion trends.

If you’re looking for designer clothing in Australia, M Made in Italy is innovative yet comfortable, casual yet cosy, and carries a unique European flair with its hippy-chic aesthetic.

Based in Australia, Lufema has been importing premium clothing brands Like M Made in Italy from Canada and Europe for four decades. We recognise quality fabrics, timeless designs and instant classics from a mile away when it comes to clothing. No matter the season, a new outfit from M Made in Italy is just what you need to spruce up your wardrobe.

As a family business that is passionate about fashion, we’ve worked hard to become a trusted name in specialty brand clothing and are dedicated to maintaining that reputation.

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